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In recent years, healthcare has gained great prominence in the country and in the past decade or so, the pharma industry has made great strides with their world-class products. And, with the sector further making advancements in each segment, it is but natural that pharma companies are vying to be at the forefront. Besides, with awareness spreading about healthcare in general, the pharmaceutical industry is a burgeoning one and will continue to be so.

S Parikh Pharma Pvt Ltd, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, which has been operating since 1985 has consistently been offering a wide range of products to chemists and hospitals across geographies. As a leading pharmaceutical and authorised distributor of 160+ companies such as Abbott, Cipla, Sun, Intas, Lupin, Pfizer, and others, in Mumbai, we have grown to include Generic, Surgicals, Speciality and Veterinary medicines.

Our affordable pricing, excellent quality, exceptional service, and delivery, we also enjoy an advantage over our competitors. The products are stored in a state-of-the-art warehouse following strict FDA guidelines. We are a one-stop destination for all pharma needs and slowly increasing our presence across India. We have been accredited by the Government of India, the Food and Drug Administration (Licensed Drug Wholesaler and Distributor) and Pharmaceuticals Promotions Councils of India (Pharmexcil), as well. ​

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We believe in offering quality products and also being accountable to all our customers. Hence, our vision is to always be a leading pharmaceutical company in India while also being a global player by providing high-quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment. 

Create. Innovate. Deliver…enriching all lives through quality pharmaceutical products.

Company Values

We have an absolute commitment towards company values & integrity

We recognize that through our business, we can impact the health of a large section of population in the areas we operate. As such, we have absolute commitment towards fulfilling our responsibility to make life-saving medicines and life-enhancing cosmetics available to clients as per their requirements.

We are committed towards maintaining the highest standards of integrity in every way during our dealings with all our stakeholders, be it pharmaceutical companies from whom we source products or customers who purchase those products through us.

We believe in constantly updating the range of products that we source and supply to maximize value delivery to our clients by making the latest products available through us.

We hold ourselves completely accountable when it comes to serving the needs of our clients, be it in terms of product quality, safety of handling, and delivery within the committed time.

We are a learning organization. And more importantly, we ensure that what we learn through our experience, we use it to improve the way we operate so that our business model is leaner and more value-generating for all stakeholders.

We are bound by a genuine shared passion – of making human lives healthier and happier. It is this passion that motivates each one of us every day to deliver to the best of our capabilities and exceed client expectations.

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With a simple and transparent pricing policy, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free process through wirelesses transfers of payments and even orders taken through email. Besides, there are no hidden fees in the entire transaction. 

Other Esteemed Services

 High quality packing standards for our products
• Assurance that products are damage-free
• Excellent pricing for all products
• A dedicated team to service our customers
• A one-stop destination for all your pharma, veterinary and critical care requirements.

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Our Staff is trained & qualified everything you need!