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    With us, you have a guarantee of excellent quality as we directly purchase all products directly from manufacturers. We consider quality as the pillar of our competitiveness, and therefore, we have a strong commitment towards the same even as we strive to rapidly upscale our operations. Our 9000+ sq. ft. centrally air-conditioned facility with a separate cold storage facility of 300+ sq. ft. ensures that the products that we have in our inventory stay in optimal condition and strictly meet specific requirements in terms of hygiene standards. All our grades meet the Industrial norms as a minimum and our quality regime enables us to sell some of the world’s most consistent and natural products.

    If you are a Chemist , there are three ways to place order, By our salesman who are present all over Mumbai. Sparikh is available on pharma rack you can place your order there as well. Lastly order can be placed through MR.

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    Orders: 022-42460100
    Accounts: 022-42460122
    Dispatch: 022-42460132
    Complaints & Suggestions: 9320765222

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